I’m Jane Phelan. English-speaking business & communication coach from Frankfurt am Main. I was born and raised in England and have lived in Germany for over 20 years.

The core of my work is communication training in English – whether a speech in the media, an important discussion within the company or with your international business partners. I support you to communicate and act clearly and confidently in everyday business – even if English is not your native language.

It’s not just about communication skills, though. In my experience as a team builder & coach, even the most complex and challenging tasks can be worked through , negotiation skills can be strenghtened and knowledge transfer between colleagues can be mastered – with speed and agility – when there is a true sense of purpose and team spirit.

In my role as a business coach, I can support your company in organizational development and transformation, so that you and your teams can adapt to meet all the changes, demands and opportunities of the future.

Your greatest challenges may well be your greatest assets.


As a coach, my personal goal for over 20 years has been to work alongside individuals, teams, and companies to boost development. With my experience in training, mentoring, and coaching, I support my clients to think differently and be more open to adopt innovative and creative ways to think and behave.


English is at the heart of every business initiative. I connect people at all levels and backgrounds to improve knowledge, information sharing and collaboration.
At the same time, the new language skills and relationships strengthen the self-confidence of each team member, which in turn gives them a stronger voice for critical decisions and ensures a better project outcome.


I have supported a wide-range of companies in fields such as business, science, finance and medicine.

For over 15 years, I have been accompanying teams as an independent business and communication coach at a globally leading consultancy firm.


I create an environment where your people can unite and thrive as a team.


I design tailor-made workshops that foster positive collaboration, inspire meaningful discussions, and stimulate the development of new strategies.


I assist you in your journey in discovering where you want to be and how to achieve a good balance between work and personal life.

Team Excellence

One Common Language

English – giving you and your teams the platform to prepare for that next big global meeting, negotiation, pitch or presentation and empowering you with skills and confidence to deliver a compelling performance.

Trust & Communication

focused on you and your team’s growth, fostering trust to speak openly, and enhancing your team’s ability to combat stress and be more resilient to the challenges facing them through change and transformation.

Strength-Based Leadership

leading with the positives – focusing on your strengths and identifying how you can use the talents within you and your team to exceed expectations.


supporting the integration of new team members – reducing the time needed to get them fully involved - understanding your company culture, job specifics and being part of the team.

Workshops & More

Leadership. Cohesion. Motivation. Conflict Resolution. Regardless of the change issues you face,
I develop customized workshops that empower you and your team to rethink and move forward.


sometimes a few minutes are enough to trigger a ground breaking idea.


taking the time to dig deeper, develop new perspectives and shape the plans for your future.


or maybe 1 or 2 hours per week – flexible, and designed for whatever best supports your plan of action.


workshops that add long term value – offering further support and guidance after the workshops to ensure process implementation is successful.

Personal Coaching

You are not alone. Let’s work together to tackle your topics and questions.


discover your purpose, your values and vision and weave them into all your business projects


communicate and act in a motivating, clear and confident manner in all situations - even as a non-native speaker


strengthen collaboration and understand how people and different cultures tick


plan your next career step and professional progression in a discreet and confidential environment

That's the business side - and this is me ...

I love getting creative – painting, drawing, doodling or anything arty. I am a qualifed sports/fitness instructor but these days I prefer to motivate myself to maintain my own personal and mental fitness– the earlier the start to the day, the better.

I have the privilege to su pport Schwimmclub Westerbach Eschborn by helping children learn how to swim. I have a family and love spending time with them and getting out for walks as often as I can.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a person who always looks at things from a different perspective. A teacher once said:

Jane is unconventional but always gets great results

I am also a typical Yorkshire girl – straightforward, trustworthy, humorous, and lateral thinking. I have found that this is a great combination to bring out the best in people.

Let me help you shine.


I'm looking forward
to getting to know you

Communication is the key to success – your Communication expert

To communicate is to be human. Communication is an integral part of our daily lives, from our facial expressions and gestures to how we interact with business partners. Are you ready? Whether it‘s a meeting, a presentation, or a job interview, nothing is more frustrating than going into that important event unprepared. As a Communication & Business Coach, I help you and your teams prepare fully for every situation. And of course, in a globalized business environment, the ability to communicate in English is crucial.

Business Coaching plus English learning

As an experienced Communication & Business Coach and a native English speaker, I combine coaching with learning and deepening your foreign Language skills.
With this highly recommended coaching concept, I assist you in taking your communication skills in the English language to a new level while also preparing you specifically for moderations, pitches, negotiations, brainstorming sessions, video meetings, or presentations.
When coached by a native speaker, you become capable of presenting yourself well in any situation and expressing yourself clearly and precisely. It‘s a skill that can be of great benefit not only in your professional life.

With my coaching concept, you not only gain new language skills but also learn to:

  • Handle conflicts better and more calmly
  • Understand other perspectives
  • Promote knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Discover more about your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve your negotiation skills
  • Build arguments sensibly, logically, and effectively
  • Convey complex content in a clear and simple manner
  • Project more self-confidence
  • Use my innovative concept as an effective path to professional and personal development.
Bringing a splash of Color to Business Coaching
my personal approach

As an experienced coach, I know that every person has unique needs. This is why everything I do is tailored to your individual needs so that you receive the maximum support possible. My communicative, creative, and empathetic approach allows for quickly building a trusting relationship and accompanying you on your path to success. My strengths-based approach is a crucial part of my work. I believe that every person has individual strengths that can be greatly enhanced. Through targeted coaching, you can recognize and leverage these strengths to achieve your goals.

As a coach, I have used and adapted this concept successfully to work with over 500 individuals.
My clients appreciate my trustworthy and confidential approach as well as my excellent value for money. It is not about being known as the Best Coach in Frankfurt, or the Best Coach in Germany, it is about what is best for ‘you’ and how we can work together to enable you to reach your aspirations. My concept for coaching may just make all the difference to your life plan and career.
With my extensive experience and broad knowledge in various areas of business coaching, I can also assist your company with other aspects, whether it‘s team building, onboarding, conflict resolution, or strategy development. I support you in achieving your goals and building a successful team, whether through individual coaching or team coaching. You can be sure that together, we will unleash your full potential!

With tailored coaching programs and a strengths-based approach, I accompany you on your journey of personal development and professional excellence.


List of supported aspects:

  • Personal development 
  • Decision-making
  • Process alignment & conflict resolution and solution
  • Onboarding programs
  • Train the trainer
  • Strategy development
  • Change management
  • Business transformation
  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Goal and value definition

Ready to take your professional potential to the next level, perfect your English skills, or build a top-notch team? Then let‘s work together. I reside in Eschborn near Frankfurt am Main. I‘m happy to travel to you or work together online. Together, during a free initial consultation, we will find the best solution for you!